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The Dinosaur That Loved To Touch

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The Dinosaur That Loved To Touch delves into the battle between a dinosaur that loves to touch and another that loathes to be touched. This story can be best described as a creation myth, filled with a whole gamut of emotions.

So please take some time and join The Dinosaur That Loved To Touch on his journey of wonder and discovery.

Thank you and Enjoy!
James de Blas

The Beginning
01. The Beginning
  The Beginning

Many millions of years ago there where three eggs. The eggs where tended by a giant Lotus Flower that sang to them a most mysterious song. The song was so loving and tender that one of the eggs swelled and burst open. A young Tyrannosaurus Rex, named Donald, entered the world. Donald was not the only thing born from that egg. A love of touching, a very curious love of touching was born with him.

Donald looked over to the distant, orange/blue egg that contained his sister. It looked so good to touch. “Oh I must touch it,” he thought.

But then the Lotus began singing again and Donald forgot all about touching his sister’s egg and scampered off, playing and exploring. Later, when Donald had gone, Alexandra came out of her egg, leaving everything untouched, for out of her egg
came a fierce dislike for touching.
The Touchers   The Touchers

As time went by, Donald’s love of touching grew, as did Donald. One day Alexandra, the dinosaur, whilst out wandering came upon the most horrid of scenes.

A group of touchers had taken over the water-hole
and who, of all the dinosaurs should be in the middle
of it all, legs blissfully in the air but her own dear
Brother Donald.

He was in touchers heaven, trembling with the shear excitement of touching and being touched. Alexandra who loathed touching, could not have been
more revolted and disgusted.
02. The Touchers  
He Tweaked Her Tail
03. He Tweaked Her Tail
  He Tweaked Her Tail

It was a new day. Donald was out looking for things which where nice to touch. “Whu, whu,” he said as he felt the leaves of trees. “Mmh, mmh” as he felt the rocks, feeling the ground on all fours, brushing against old logs with his big body. When suddenly he looked up, and there behold, above a small ridge, waving in the breeze, was a long lovely orange stripey tale.

Donald could not resist, bolting off he had to touch that tail. Poor Donald, he didn’t know any better. That tail
just happened to belong to Alexandra. Alexandra who hated touching and especially being touched. Donald came swiftly from behind stretching out a claw to softly tweak Alexandra’s long, lovely tail.

Alexandra let out such a bloodcurdling terrifying scream that a young Protoceratops who was grazing nearby, went blind with shock!
The Fight   The Fight

Alexandra was furious, “Donald,” she roared, “How dare you touch me?”

“But, but,” quivered Donald

“How dare you.”

Donald tried to pat Alexandra, “There, there.” He didn’t understand how anybody could not want to touch. Ferocious, Alexandra couldn’t understand how any mad creature, like Donald, could possibly enjoy touching. Donald and Alexandra were a mystery to each other.
04. The Fight  
The Chase   The Chase

Alexandra ran off swearing, “Ill get you Donald! You won’t touch me again. Ill gets you!”

Donald shook with unhappiness. “Why, why?” he said to the sky. He just wanted to touch and be friends like he did with other dinosaurs. But Alexandra didn’t want that. Donald wanted to make things right but he didn’t know how.
05. The Chase  
Alexandra's Revenge
06. Alexandra's Revenge
  Alexandra's Revenge

Alexandra wanted revenge. She experimented for many months, making potions in her cauldron, hidden in the heart of the deep, dark swamp. Finally, it was time to put her cunning to the test. One day, the young Protoceratops that was blinded by Alexandra’s bloodcurdling scream, wandered into
her camp.

“Protoceratops” said Alexandra.
“Have a sip of my yummy pudding.”
Protoceratops bumbled in, bumped into a tree, rolled over and said, “Just a touch, thank you.”
“No” crowed Alexandra, “Ill give you a sip.” Protoceratops gurgled it down.

“Now for the test,” thought Alexandra.
She prodded Protoceratops with a stick.
Protoceratops hissed fiercely back to Alexandra, Alexandra looked up with wicked joy. ”It works... it works!” she cried.
The Untouchable Broth
07. The Untouchable Broth
  The Untouchable Broth

“Now!” commanded Alexandra, round up as many dinosaurs as you can and tell them to come drink from the Potion of Wonderful Holidays.”

Surprisingly, quite a few came. Alexandra promised them three meals a day and luxurious accommodation. If only they would drink the Untouchable Broth and help her teach Donald a lesson.

Each dinosaur drank from the fiery caldron and when they had their fill, Alexandra said, “Now chant with me, this name “Congarillo… Congarillo... Congarillo,” just keep doing that.

They started the chant with a whisper that grew louder and louder.
They Grew Fierce   They Grew Fierce

The dinosaurs became louder and louder, they grew into a frenzy. Out of their chanting, a deep dark whirlpool appeared and out of it rose a dark blue moon. Then two columns of dark water shot up, hurtling the Pterodactyl into the air “Congarillo… Congarillo...
Congarillo” they chanted.

They cried out in rage and snarled at each other with fi erce, gnashing teeth. The more they roared their angry roars, the more the Congarillo took form in the gigantic blue moon, on and on they chanted, “Congarillo… Congarillo… Congarillo…” with wild staring eyes and sharp snarling teeth.
08. They Grew Fierce  
Holocaust   Holocaust

The Congarillo burst into the open, louder and fi ercer than all of the dinosaurs put together. Suddenly they
were all terrified. This only made the Congarillo more and more powerful. It became so powerful, giant volcanoes rose up and exploded, lightning filled the sky, lava rolled over the land and a giant whirlpool swelled up to swallow them all, while the Congarillo laughed it’s terrifying, booming laughter.
09. Holocaust  
World Of Skeletons
10. World Of Skeletons
  World Of Skeletons

The whirlpool, like an enormous wave, sucked the dinosaurs in and spat them out, dumping them in the fierce world of the Giant Dancing Skeletons.

Alexandra was terrifi ed, as were they all. Some skeletons chased each other, some danced together and some gathered around the dinosaurs, snarling
and grinning.

Alexandra felt so scared and so small, that all she wanted to do was to go home and for everything to be as it used to be.

Then she heard a voice from the moon, “Life isn’t like that; you must go on.”

Alexandra saw the Lotus appear in the moon and she knew there was hope.
Touchers Circle
11. Touchers Circle
  Touchers' Circle

Donald and a few of the gang, had gathered at their special spot to watch the sun set, to touch and keep
in touch.

All of a sudden who should appear but Protoceratops, frightened and breathless. He had received such a shock in all the Congarillo pandemonium that his sight came back and he managed to escape while the other dinosaurs where sucked down through the whirlpool into the world of the skeletons.

“The Cong… the Cong…the Congarillo is coming!”
cried Protoceratops.
“What is a Congarillo?” asked Donald.
“That that, is the Congarillo!” squeeked
Protoceratops in a final great effort, pointing with all he was to the three-headed monster coming over the horizon. Protoceratops, in a final burst of strength, sighed “Congarillo coming,” then fainted.

Donald commanded, “now every one sing with me.”

And they all sang “Congarillo dance, Congarillo sing, Congarillo tiny little, tiny little, tiny little thing!”
Dinocongarilla Caught   Dinocongarilla Caught

As Donald and his gang sang, the Congarillo grew smaller, ever smaller, while the Lotus Flower grew larger, ever larger.

More and more dinosaurs drew near to join in Donald’s special song, “Congarillo dance Congarillo sing Congarillo tiny little, tiny little thing!”

As the Lotus grew so did the shining pool beneath it. In the middle of all the excitement, the Lotus Flower reached up and “SNAP”, the Congarillo was caught in the jaws of the Lotus. The Lotus gently folded its petals around the Congarillo, like a fi nal curtain going down over the naughty Congarillo.
12. Dinocongarilla Caught  
Returned To Deep   Returned To Deep

Many reptilian birds gathered and dinosaur fi sh came up from the deep. The land around the Lotus turned to
ice and then melted.

Donald kept on singing “Congarillo dance, Congarillo sing, Congarillo tiny little, tiny little thing.”

The reptilian fish, with their magnifi cent teeth, roared at the Congarillo and the Congarillo grew scared, it knew they had come to return it to the deep, deep, deep where all Congarillo must eventually go.

The Lotus, with the Congarillo, sank back into the deep, deep, deep and the Congarillo was never to be heard from again.
13. Returned To Deep  
Sunbaking Rock
14. Sunbaking Rock
  Sunbaking Rock

Now that the Congarillo was taken care of, Donald and Protoceratops found time to relax and put their feet up on their favourite sun-baking rock.

But then Donald heard a voice.
“Haven’t you forgotten something?”
It was the voice of the Lotus coming from beneath
the sea.

“Alexandra, you want to see her again don’t you?”
“Yes of course I do,” said Donald.
“Then swim to where the Dolomite
Pillar’s meet the raging sea and wait,”
with that the voice of the Lotus fell silent.

Donald said, “Are you coming Protoceratops?”. “Donald, I dare not, I have my sight back and if I come
between you and Alexandra…”
“Ok… see-you” sang Donald as he jumped from the sun-baking rock in a honey pot dive into the sea and swam for the Dolomite Pillars.
The Wave   The Wave

There she was, Alexandra was free. All her anger left behind. She was flying out of the Underworld on the Flower of Hope and there was Donald waiting to
meet her.
15. The Wave  
Reconciliation   Reconciliation

The sea was calm at last. Light pierced the dark thunderclouds, Donald and Alexandra tenderly held the Lotus Flower together for the fi rst time. They listened to its sparkling singing heart and suddenly Donald understood why Alexandra hated touching so much. Then Alexandra knew why Donald liked so very much to touch.

For the Lotus Flower understood all things. But none of them where telling Do you know why?
Shhh let it be our secret.
16. Reconciliation  
The Dinosaur That Loved To Touch - Available Now