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The Blue Hairy Boy

The Blue Hairy Boy tells of a blue hairy boy that at first reluctantly learns the art of dance from a bird. An art that will
save his life many times on his journey through the underworld back to his
own people.

So please take some time and join The Blue Hairy Boy on his journey of wonder and discovery.

Thank you and Enjoy!
James de Blas

Blue Hairy Baby   Blue Hairy Baby

Under a lychee tree on the Island of Bali appeared a beautiful blue hairy baby. He was found in a basket full of purple goat hairs, holding a systrum with fire issuing forth from his palm.

The villagers who found him worshiped him as a god and performed the Kecac, a ritual to wake the dead.
01. Blue Hairy Baby  
African Dancers   African Dancers

As the baby grew and became a boy, the villagers became disenchanted with the now Blue Hairy Boy. They had a meeting and decided after much argument to sell the boy to a passing slave ship bound for Africa.

There the Blue Hairy Boy was sold to a tribe of ceremonial African dancers. They performed many exquisite dances, filled with passion and colour. But the Blue Hairy Boy remained unmoved. The tribal dancers tried everything to no avail, even force was useless. The Hairy Boy vowed never to dance.
02. African Dancers  
Maori War Canoe   Maori War Canoe

The elders of the tribe decided to punish him. A great Witch Doctor was ordered to take the boy to the
Underworld and leave him there to fend for himself.

The Witch Doctor and Blue Hairy Boy bordered a passing Maori War Canoe that carried them to
the Underworld.

Hairy Boy was some-what depressed about the trip
and wondered what lay ahead. The Maori Warriors
said nothing, for they were Spirits of Death who ferried souls to the Land of the Dead. The Witch Doctor constantly chanted his dark spells to the beat of the Oarsmen’s Drum.
03. Maori War Canoe  
Bird Of Paradise
04. Bird Of Paradise
  Bird Of Paradise

The Witch Doctor cast his spell and the War Canoe beached on the shore of the Underworld and there they left him in a large sea cave only reachable by sea.

So he was stuck there by himself alone. But that didn’t faze him, he gathered seaweed, ate crabs, oysters, abalone and mussels.

Then one day a Bird of Paradise came to the cave. The bird danced a series of ritualistic dances of nature and the Blue Hairy Boy was most impressed. The bird came day after day for forty days and forty nights. Then disappeared completely. The boy became quite spaced out, at the loss of his friend and wandered deep into the sea cave.

Into the darkness on and on he stumbled. Then he saw
a pin prick of light ahead that grew brighter
and brighter.
Saturn, Bats And Hairy Boy
05. Saturn, Bats And Hairy Boy
  Saturn, Bats And Hairy Boy

Suddenly the Blue Hairy Boy began to sense a maligned presence in the cave, he could hear the slow beating of large leathery wings.

He then immediately saw he was in the presence of a swam of giant vampire bats. The bats began to attack the boy, he had never felt such fear as this before.
Rather than loose his Chi in that moment, he focused and danced.

All of a sudden the dances of those forty days became one with him. Blue Hairy Boy became caught up in the ecstasy of the dance, the bird had taught him.

The bats responded immediately and ceased their attack. Hairy Boy danced his way into the light and out there in the open was his underworld guide, Saturn, waiting for him.
Hairy Boy And Elephant   Hairy Boy And Elephant

Blue Hairy Boy’s dance attracted the Elephant of the Blue Saphire, who lifted them both up onto his back.

He carried them into the Blue Saphire Dream. Through the forest, from the head waters of the Green River, to where the water runs deep and still like a mirror pond.
06. Hairy Boy And Elephant  
Rainbow Bridge   Rainbow Bridge

There they left the Blue Saphire Elephant and boarded a Golden Gondola. They passed through the eye of the sacred Rainbow Bridge, the Portal of Tests.
07. Rainbow Bridge  
Crocodiles And Hairy Boy   Crocodiles And Hairy Boy

They glided along the Underworld River like ghosts, watched by white reptilian eyes. Blind crocodiles that
are attracted by fear.

Hairy Boy was terrifi ed as they slid into the water from the banks and surrounded the small boat. As they prepared to attack, Saturn taped Hairy Boy on the shoulder and whispered “Dance.”

He goes straight into it. The crocs rise up on their tails and dance with him, there blind bodies fi lled with joy.
08. Crocodiles And Hairy Boy  
09. Delphi

“You are doing well,” says Saturn to Hairy Boy, now you must brave the fierce beasts and touch the great ruby at the Temple of Delphi and let its truth
enter you.

The two leave behind the gondola and go in search of the Great Ruby. After seven hours of walking they came in ear shot of f erce growling leopards. The
temple was now close.

Hairy Boy was frightened as the leopards were now circling them. Saturn was not in the least bit afraid and ushered Hairy Boy to dance. They both danced together as they moved along the path, inching closer and closer to the Great Ruby.

Then Blue Hairy Boy touched the Great Ruby and the red ray entered him and he felt courage to the extreme. The leopards became still and preened themselves as the Goddess Venus appeared and said, “Welcome to love.”
Hairy Boy And Spiders
10. Hairy Boy And Spiders
  Hairy Boy And Spiders

Love had awakened Blue Hairy Boy’s warrior spirit. “You must now pass through the Valley of Death,”
said Venus.

He travelled through the Eye of the Ruby and found himself in an ancient world with giant venomous spiders. As they approached he felt no fear, only love.

Blue Hairy Boy jumped onto the back of the most venomous spider and started to dance on its back. As he danced, so did the spider beneath him, and so also
the spiders around them.

Hairy Boy’s mind became one with the spider. The spider showed him the Temple of Venus in his mind and Hairy Boy said “take me to it”. They danced all the way there, the spiders all chose to follow for they wished to worship at the Temple of Love also.
Temple   Temple

Blue Hairy Boy sat on a golden silk cushion in the pink marble temple that was the Temple of Love.

Facing Saturn and Venus, Venus gestured to Hairy Boy and said “what would you really like to do above all else.” Hairy Boy poised himself for what seemed like an eternity and said, “I would like to travel to the Sun Worlds and become a Warrior of the Light.”
Venus replied, “then you must dance for the Guardians of Paradise and see if they will release you.”
11. Temple  
Hairy Boy And The Birds   Hairy Boy And The Birds

Blue Hairy Boy traveled to the Bee Hive Mountains in search of the Birds of Paradise.

In the shade of a Ghost Gum he began to dance slowly at fi rst as he summoned the warrior spirit, he started to dance faster like lightening. As he danced many Birds of Paradise began gathering, feeling for the slightest fear as they perched, roosted and watched.

Hairy Boy was so much in the spirit that his body began etherealising. Sky blending with earth, fire with water, light with sound. He became a transformer of the Universal Life Force.

We release you, we release you Light Warrior. You may leave the Underworld and travel to the Sun, said the Birds of Paradise.
12. Hairy Boy And The Birds  
Hairy Boy Goes To The Sun   Hairy Boy Goes To The Sun

Blue Hairy Boy built a magical Sun Boat from golden reeds. Venus and Saturn blessed the boat with the
properties of their wisdom, that it may carry Hairy Boy into the sun.

A Hawk appeared as guide and a Bird of Paradise perched on the stern to come oversee his training.

They floated above the waves making a course for the setting sun, Saturn shed a tear of joy for the loss of such a wonderful being.
13. Hairy Boy Goes To The Sun  
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