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The Golden Grasshopper
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The Golden Grasshopper is a magical journey of one young grasshopper. This journey takes him into the world of Human Beings, to the most important House on Earth and beyond.

So please take some time and join Golden Grasshopper on his journey of wonder and discovery.

Thank you and Enjoy!
James de Blas
Grasshopper On A Rock   Grasshopper On A Rock

There was once a Golden Grasshopper who had big dreams. As a young grasshopper, he often eavesdropped
on the conversations of crickets.

Golden Grasshopper heard that far beyond the golden fields where he lived, was the world of human beings, who did extraordinary things. Golden Grasshopper stood on a rock and wondered about this world of human beings and the house they built.

In the distance, he could see an owl
fl ying towards him. As the owl was a wise creature, Golden Grasshopper leapt on his back.

“Take me to the most important house on Earth,”
he whispered to the owl.
01. Grasshopper On A Rock  
The Bungles   The Bungles

“If you’re going to the world of human beings,” said Owl, ”You’re going to need some special magic.”

Owl flew over the Bungle Bungle Mountains. The mountains whispered “What is your wish? What is
your wish?”

Golden Grasshopper said, “I wish to be able to change my size, so I may enter the world of humans and learn from them.”

“Your wish is our command” whispered the mountains.

Owl swooped over the mountains and on to the most important house on Earth.
02. The Bungles  
The Clock Tower   The Clock Tower

“There below” said Owl, is the most important house on Earth.” Owl swooped by the clock tower. Golden Grasshopper excitedly jumped free from Owl’s back, landing nimbly on one of the clock tower’s balconies.

He was in the world of human beings.
02. The Bungles  
The Stair Case   The Stair Case

With his special powers, Golden Grasshopper now assumed the size of a human being.

Silently he entered the great house. Discovering that three masters lived there, he began to study them secretly: hiding behind this, sneaking behind that, watching, listening, trying desperately to understand what was going on.
04. The Stair Case  
The Gaudi Room   The Gaudi Room

But being masters, they didn’t miss a trick, and were well aware that they were sharing their home with a very large grasshopper.

For some months now, Grasshopper had secretly been studying their every move.

As it happened, the masters were assembled in the judgement room one day, when Master Roland cleared his throat and said “Golden Grasshopper, we are very much aware of your presence. Might I say we are honoured that such an exquisite creature has chosen us to be his masters. Welcome to the most important house on Earth.”

The masters where going to teach him at last.
05. The Gaudi Room  
Room Of Shells   Room Of Shells

His first lessons were in the Room of Shells with Mistress Larissa, the flower arranging master. Here he learnt the ancient art of flower arranging.

Larissa taught Golden Grasshopper to arrange fl owers in such a way that each bloom, leaf and branch might sparkle and sing of the place where the soul is happy and free.
06. Room Of Shells  
The Feast   The Feast

Then he studied with Master James, the chef.

Soon, Grasshopper could do sweet pastries, pavlovas, black forest cakes, strawberry cheesecakes. He could do punches, soups of all kinds, custards. He did smoked fish, chicken, smoked ham, devilled eggs. He could do any thing vegetarian.

Golden Grasshopper mastered all the secrets of a thousand sauces. He learned about timing, how to listen to his feelings and how to know when something needed a little more of this or a little less of that.
07. The Feast  
The Gardener   The Gardener

Then came time for Master Roland, the gardener.

Together they created gardens that Roland said was like building small models of heaven; places where you could hear the silence and learn about natural magic.

Together they sat quietly and travelled in their imaginations to the great garden pavilions in paradise, where no one gets sick and all are happy
and free.

Then they would open their eyes and talk of what they had seen.

Golden Grasshopper, full of excitement, wanted to build this, to create that. Master Roland would show him how it could be done on Earth.
08. The Gardener  
The Silver Eagle   The Silver Eagle

On relaxation days, Golden Grasshopper was
introduced to the Mercedes roadster that he drove at lightning speeds. The car he affectionately called The Silver Eagle.

Grasshopper proved to be a wizard with machines and the masters loved to drive with him.
09. The Silver Eagle  
Table Preparations
10. Table Preparations
  Table Preparations

Then came time for Golden Grasshopper’s test
for Masterhood.

He chose, picked and arranged flowers
from the garden on a pink tablecloth, amidst golden candelabras. A plethora of glasses mirrored the colours of the flowers that were softly echoed in the
crisp white napkins.

Behind the banquet table Grasshopper built a still, dark lake, where he placed statues of cupids riding on the backs of swans, shooting arrows at giant fish.
There were hedges of autumn brown, leading down avenues of green lawns into light.

Tonight, Golden Grasshopper would summon all the powers of creativity in the universe, into what would
go down in grasshopper history as The Night
of Puddings.
The Party
11. The Party
  The Party

Golden Grasshopper had cooked with such mastery and exquisite love that the guests raised their glasses again and again, saluting him and singing
his praises.

Grasshopper had arranged for a musician to play
the accordion.

Just at the right moment, Mistress Larissa, filled with joy, danced on the tabletop, and a white goddess threw
a net of stars around Golden Grasshopper. As they all cheered and danced, there was a total eclipse of
the moon.

The universe began to open, welcoming
Golden Grasshopper home to the heart of Masterhood.

From now on, Golden Grasshopper would be known
as Master of Cooking, Flower Arranging
and Gardening.
The Relaxation Room   The Relaxation Room

Their work being done the four masters decided to
spend the day in the relaxation room, sipping cool
fizzy drinks, chatting, reciting poetry and telling
funny stories.

Out of the blue the red phone rang. Grasshopper being closest, answered the call, not expecting for a minute it would be for him. But it was.

Someone from Locust Command claimed it was time for Golden Grasshopper to give up being a Grasshopper and become a locust!

Golden Grasshopper had to join the Locust Army.
12. The Relaxation Room  
Farewell   Farewell

It was time for the masters to say goodbye to their golden friend.

As a parting gift they gave Golden Grasshopper the Silver Eagle, and from the gates of the most important house on Earth, they bid him farewell.
Mistress Larissa was moved to blissful joy, Master Roland cried and Master James said goodbye to his dear friend.

Soon the most important house on Earth lay far behind. At great speed, Golden Grasshopper made for the Locust Army encampment.
13. Farewell  
Hall Of Locusts
14. Hall Of Locusts
  Hall Of Locusts

Golden Grasshopper had not been with the Locust Army long, when he was summoned to the Great Hall of Locusts. Locust Military Intelligence had singled
him out for leadership. Grasshopper was asked to speak before the Locust Council of Nine.

He told them of the crickets, how he jumped on the back of the owl. Passed over the magic Bungle Bungle
Mountains to the most important house on Earth and his meeting with the three masters. He spoke of his
initiation into the three arts of fl ower arranging, cooking and gardening, and his acceptance by the universe as a Golden Master.

The Council of Nine asked Golden Grasshopper to leave the room briefly, while they discussed his future role.
Then re-admitting Grasshopper to the room, the leader of the Locust Council cleared his throat and said “we are
agreed that you Golden Grasshopper, should be assigned a squad of our most elite generals. You will train them in the three arts.”
The Locust Gardeners   The Locust Gardeners

Under Grasshopper’s direction, the locusts created an extraordinarily beautiful garden.

In the Great Hall, sumptuous feasts were prepared, and many locusts tirelessly laboured over their fl ower
arrangements, each one trying to create the most divine arrangement.

As a result of these activities the locusts ceased forming plagues and stayed at home cooking, flower arranging and gardening.

All their energy went into creativity, grace and beauty, and they all loved that.
15. The Locust Gardeners  
The Eagles Back   The Eagles Back

Finally, Golden Grasshopper came to the understanding that now he had passed on his knowledge to his own kind and they where all secure in their new life, he could be free.

While the locusts slept, Golden Grasshopper said his silent goodbyes to the encampment, and set off alone.

With the rising sun Golden Grasshopper leapt onto
the back of a passing BaldEeagle, and quietly
whispered “Take me home to the most important
house in Heaven.”
16. The Eagles Back  
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